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tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, conversation with wendell pierce. he is currently costarring in the new nbc comedy series "the michael j. fox show" and is reprising his role as antoine batiste on the emmy-winning "tremÉ." he returns to hbo this sunday for his final five episodes. a conversation with wendell pierce coming up right now. ♪ ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: wendell pierce, a successful career means taking on a wide array -- wide array of diverse characters. he is on "the michael j. fox show." essedays a ratings-obs producer. he also plays in "tremÉ." it's final season on hbo. before we start our conversation, a look at a scene from "tremÉ." >> i love it when dan comes in on the vocals. they used to do that a lot in the old days. it always cracked me up. >> call and response? >> yeah, that's right. the guys in back go, we love all. ♪ ♪ [laughter] says: i said a moment ago, it ain't so, but as it turns out, this has been a pretty good run for a series that come if you looked
how to have more vandals. first, as those watercolors and generally speaking he leaves los angeles and goes to brifrltd ton his mother had died and the bed-and-breakfast he took over and established a studio and had room for visitor and began portraying the fields of his summers. this was where he used to work when he was a young man 18-years old. it's the fields he's scattered his mothers ashes in. he maintenance a home in california but he's back to first things and back to a painting. over and over again he's trying to find ways for advantages. it's a series of watercolors and goes to the same place and one summer he does a series of water paintings. this is 6 o'clock no longer and this is 10 in the morning. he wanted to do bigger pictures and almost always when he has a body of work it's please a particular master at the constable made of english landscapes. which we couldn't have been making in english landscapes. if you think that about you is a canvas it will blow away but to do them in the landscape and he develops an idea of having multiple can have you seen and a working
-august, southern california - the hills outside los angeles are on fire. >> california's governor has declared a state of emergency. we've just arrived on the scene. the situation is critical. >> the entire mountainside is smoldering. this thick acrid smoke smell in the air and we're following this strike team now right into the top of the mountain to where the fire line begins. >> for this blaze, the combined might of the firefighting forces of california is on full display. in just 24 hours, the costs have already run into the millions. >> it's been a busy season. it started really early for us we had pretty significant fires in may which is pretty rare. it just seems like a lot of fires are burning. as far as the outlook for this season. it's going to be a busy one. >> these are serial conflagrations now, and they're magnifying themselves, and the costs are enormous. >> costs like this sprawling "fire camp" that's emerged overnight to support the thousands of personnel deployed. you think of how much money they spend in one of these camps. there's a lot of people here. there's a lot of fuel
up gates and landing slots in seven major airport including new york, los angeles, and ronald reagan washington airport in washington, d.c. those slots will go to lower cost carriers. american must now sell 104 take-off and landing slots. >> we expressed potential reduction in competition that the merger would potentially empose. >> the justice department initially blocked the deal fearing competition. but in a statement the attorney general eric holder sought to reassure fliers. r re- reassure flyers. >> passengers still have concerns. >> i just have a feeling it always happens, every time there is are a merge there are is a rate increase. >> i think with less competition it means that it may drive flight rates up. >> since 2005 when u.s u.s. airways acquired u.s. west there had been a string of increases. and two of the smaller carriers, southwest and air tran merged as well. joining us now from dallas, rick ceni, an air traffic analyst and ceo of fair compare, a website dedicated to getting the best flight deals. in the studio, douglas kidd director of the national association of
at it. this is catalina island. 27 miles off the coast of los angeles. a place known for it's beauty both above and below the ocean that surrounds it. most of the dish that call these waters home go relatively unnoticed. but one spic species is impossio miss. leopard sharks. hundredses of them. >> if you are the director of the shark lab and you are trying to revolutionize the way sharks had studde studied it's not a bad way to set up shop. chris lowe is the director of calcal state long beach's shark lab. getting to know him and his work is getting your feet wet. obviously here a day at the office is a diffe different attd a different look at the world. >> it takes a few moments under the water to understand chris' passion for the othe ocean and e sharks he study:whe : >> when i caught my first shark there was something about it. it looked so different from all of the other fish i caught and it looked so streamline and sleek. it didn't match all of the fish i caught. >> what about it from the sharks threat that interested you in a sciencivic perspective. >> they are at the top of th
barricaded himself inside of a verizon wireless store in los angeles county. it's happening the community of la crescenta north of glendale. no one else believed to be inside but l.a. county sheriff has evacuated all nearby businesses in the strip mall. all of this started around 4:00 this afternoon. >> break news involving a twist in the bait battle between bart and unions. we broke on twitter we've learned unions about to sue bart for voting to approve the contract without a disputed clause. we are live at the daily city bart station. >> reporter: there is a high powered attorney brought ton owe and handle the suit. they have support of the central labor council on this move. it's not about getting the clause put back in, it's about protecting collective bargain proing -- process going forward. >> a lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. no one wins but lawyers >> reporter: after months of negotiations and two worker deaths on the tracks, it appeared bart and unioned union. section 4.8 giving up to six weeks paid family leave. bart voted in november to prove the $67 million deal only
wireless store in los angeles county. it's happening the community of la crescenta north of glendale. no one else believed to be inside but l.a. county sheriff has evacuated all nearby businesses in the strip mall. all of this started around 4:00 this afternoon. >> break news involving a twist in the bait battle between bart and unions. we broke on twitter we've learned unions about to sue bart for voting to approve the contract without a disputed clause. we are live at the daily city bart station. >> reporter: there is a high powered attorney brought ton owe and handle the suit. they have support of the central labor council on this move. it's not about getting the clause put back in, it's about protecting collective bargain proing -- process going forward. >> a lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. no one wins but lawyers >> reporter: after months of negotiations and two worker deaths on the tracks, it appeared bart and unioned union. section 4.8 giving up to six weeks paid family leave. bart voted in november to prove the $67 million deal only if the clause was taken out. now,
on discounted guides. shoppers have a jolly good time while mart workers gathered in los angeles this morning to protest wages and work conditions where houses workers united states to protest about a hundred and fifty people. the first one ever melinda was there and brings us more the americans instead of retail stores. i leaned over to the electronics outside the store. there's a different kind of like going on. this is walmart residents of low wage workers. we are the employees we are at the store we are the ones whose service to customers. and with the ones that aren't here to fight for rights for twenty five k anthony and for respect. west to walmart to korea so you know above poverty wages. me myself personally i make around five thousand here in the fluctuates. like francois thousand the year which is poverty and poverty levels and on the food banks are not well but claims that the protests have in her business. in fact they say that this has been a record breaking black friday for the corporation. this reduces to an associate who claims that there's plenty of opportunity instead of wa
of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. ♪ingle bells, jingle bells narrator: coming up, it's everyone's favorite christmas present-- a monkey. ♪ ... open sleigh. (laughing) (george hooting, man gasping) man: it's what george wants for christmas, and i have to figure it out. whoa! wow! oh, no! (grunting) (bell ringing) stop! (hooting) man: yes, george. it's christmas. funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: ooh! (chuckles) hi! ooh! oh! hmm... (hoots happily) ♪ huh? narrator: december is an exciting month because you know one day you'll wake up, and it'll be christmas morning. (cheering) (hooting enthusiastically) ah! george didn't want the man with the yellow hat to miss even one second of christmas. (murmuring, snoring) (hooting frantically) (grunting) (hooting excitedly) (coughs, groans) (grunts) george, my spleen. (chatters apologetically) (sighs) thank you. and i am afraid it's still not christmas yet, buddy. aw... remember, we talked about this yesterday? uh-uh. uh-uh. uh-
, not weeks or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question. >> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many of those. >> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to go to the edge of your bed to save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if
to the pacific northwest. if you're traveling in the seattle area you'll run into rain. we had rain in los angeles yesterday. mostly cloudy here today but the clouds will be breaking up, and you'll see plenty of sunshine as we track into tomorrow. richelle. back to you. >> back to auburn for the iron bowl. it doesn't get much bigger than that, does it, michael? >> reporter: yeah, bragging rights for a year on the line here in alabama. we'll tell i couldn't this year's game is so significant. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. let's take a look at today's headlines. syria's war has created a growing humanitarian crisis in the middle east. 2.2 million people have fled syria and taken refugee in other countries. half of them are children. >>> one person has died in protest in thailand. three others injured after gunshots went off in clashes between pro and anti government demonstrators. and today is the obama administration's deadline to fix the healthcare.gov website problems. the goal is for the site to handle 50,000 users at one time. >>> it's one of the biggest co
to his office and the homeless coalition, there are some cities out there like los angeles, eugene, oregon, and seattle who have programs where they work very closely with the faith community and they have voluntarily set aside some safe parking areas for the houses so they have a safe haven for the vehicles while they are accessing services to transition them into more permanent house and we are in contact with his office and with, graduate program, and usc. and they are very interested in helping us and we have a lot of expertise in evaluating this type of program to see, how effective it is and how it can be implemented we should be hearing from them in the next couple of days of whether or not they would like to take them on. >> and in those situations they are privately owned? >> correct. >> and so our recommendation is continuing to use the rec you lacing and the focus basis concentrate on the areas that have been displaced and the areas that have already have an higher incidence of observed oversight and people park. the areas that we are looking to prioritize our implementa
into southern california. it's cloudy down near los angeles. the state is under sunny skies a nice mild weekend here at the bay area for us. start agent 5:00 in the morning we might see high clouds sweeping through into early morning hours but afternoon tomorrow and sunday will be sunny skies and mild before changes arrive next week. overnight tonight, looking for clear skies, chilly conditions again, up into north bay valleys, low temperatures dropping into mid to upper 30s and fairfield, also, upper 30s and a livermore, low of 39. other locations we'll see lows into low to mid-40s overnight. then, tomorrow, sunny skies and mild to warm again. south bay, highs upper 60. 67 san jose. 69 morgan hill. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. on the coast, mid-60s at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown 65 degrees tomorrow. 63 in the sunset district. north bay, low to mid-60s on the coast. inland valley 68 in santa rosa tomorrow. 68 napa. 68 in sonoma. highs of 68 in oakland. 66 newark. 68 fremont. and inland east bay will have highs up to 68 in walnut creek and livermore and antioch and fairfield here
of places, nine to ten inches below average. they got a quarter-inch around los angeles. you see some ponding when that happens there. l.a., today, is going to be drier. they get the flow warming them up to 74. phoenix, 73. albuquerque, 53. places that have been very cold, getting a little peak in the way of temperatures. that's the southwest. but a much different story if you go to the pacific northwest. today, the radar will not be empty. it will happen starting here on our saturday, in the pacific northwest. but it's really tomorrow into early monday that we were concerned about. sunday into monday for seattle, portland, cold enough to get the mountain snows. and the rain before that all happens could add up in some of the cascades. that's five to six inches right north of portland -- just east of seattle. and then, the cold. this has been our headline in the northeast. is this going to change? eventually we'll start to moderate. 22, raleigh. 21, washington, d.c. 17, the windchill in new york city. here's the high temperatures. by tomorrow, we start to see precipitati precipitation
los angeles patient who says he's become a victim of obama care. >> i thought it was a great idea. >> reporter: tom harris is a 62-year-old self-employed handyman, who had high hopes for obama care. >> my expectations were that it would actually enhance my existing health care plan. >> reporter: how has it worked out for you so far? >> that wasn't the case. i was notified my plan would be ended at the end of this year, in december. i was very surprised. >> reporter: harris suffers from debilitating allergies. he's seeing a specialist. dr. robert ichis at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles, at least until january 1st, when his bill would go up. >> i know if i go see him, it's completely out of network, and it does not apply against my deductible. so it's really out of network. it's almost in another orbit. >> reporter: the new obama care compliant plan being offered by harris' current health insurance company will actually cost him $5 a less month, but four of his five doctors are no longer in that network. >> i've had patients come to me, saying, please do whatever you nee
-old merrill newman. he was arrestled about a month ago while traveling inside the country. live in los angeles with the details. dominic. >> hey there, greg. big questions as to whether merrill newman wrote this apology actually by himself. merrill was part of the united nations career six partisan regiment back during the korean war. with the intelligence bureau. the koreans accused him of war crimes from that time. and also for acts against the state during his recent visit where he is returning to talk to perhaps or meet some of those people that he met during the korean war. in fact, during that apology, he describes how he wants to meet, quote, surviving soldiers and pray for the souls of the dead soldiers involved in the conflict. help pl he planned to put them in touch with an association the north koreas consider an enemy of the state. during the part he wrote out of that statement, he appears to be describing some of that. take a listen. >> i asked my guide to help me look for their families and relatives living in dprk and i gave the document with their addresses and e-mail addresses
. como dice juan carlos gon kwalz de los angeles, esto no es todo. que ademÁs sufre una enfermedad mortal. >>> por - y raro un cheque sin fondos por valor de 800 mil dÓlares. fue sentenciada a 18 meses de cÁrcel y en enero cuando salga serÁ entregada a inmigraciÓn. aunque es residente permanente puede ser reportada dÉbito al delito que cometiÓ. esto no es lo peor que le hae pasado. hace 3 aÑos le diagnosticaron cÁncer y esta en etapa 4. >>> tenÍa carecen cervical, me sacaron mi Útero. mi cÁncer avanzÓ al estomago del estÓmago se fue a los riÑones, de los riÑones se fue al hÍgado y ahora lo tengo en la garganta. >>> esta consciente de que su situaciÓn es muy delicada. >>> hoy puedo estar viva y maÑana no. >>> su cuerpo estÁ dÉbil, su espÍritu se mantiene mÁs fuerte incluso, que cuando gozaba de libertad. de la vida con su esposo y sus 2 hijas y de la abundancia que le permitÍa su carrera de enfermera registrada, la que se vio forzada abandonar, precisamente por su enfermedad. pero en estas circunstancias, dice, que tiene mucho que agradecer. >>> yo doy gracias porqu
. investigators. la cracenta is about ten miles from downtown los angeles. people got a scare as they were evacuated during that standoff. >>> today walmart employees joined forces with workers' rights groups and staged protests at 1500 walmarts nationwide demanding fair wages. officers arrested five people outside the walmart in san leandro. supporters want walmart to commit to paying full-time employees at least $25,000 a year. >> this is the country's largest employer, and about towards two thirds of the workers masse less than $25,000 a year. that's just not enough to put food on the table. >> walmart's president defended his k350e today. the website says the average hourly worker makes $12.83 an hour. he added his employees have a chance to move up and earn higher wages as well. >>> retailers nationwide are trying to cash in on that annual shopping frenzy known as black friday. there were plenty of people at bay area malls today looking for a deal. nbc bay areas george kiriyama joins us. >> reporter: you can see parking spaces. we've done a lot of stories where a shopper was standing
taking his own life according to the los angeles county sheriff's department. it started after 4:00 this afternoon. witnesses say that the man had robbed a pharmacy, then barricaded himself in a verizon store. no one was inside the store, but the shoppers were evacuated from the shopping center, no one else hurt. >>> 140 million people are predicted to shop this weekend. the national retail federation thinks holiday sales will go up nearly 4% this year to $602 billion. last year sales were up 3.5%. online sales are projected to go up even more this black friday. ibm digital benchmark predicts a 9.7% increase from last year, 21% of that coming from people shopping on their smartphones. others want to spend their cash at local businesses. we have the story from jacqueline square with a different kind of shopping center. >> reporter: oaklanders call it plaid friday to represent the diversity of all the independent shops here. shoppers are encouraged to spend on local businesses. forget the flat screens and fistfights of black friday. this is oakland's own version of the day after t
enforcement from the city of richmond come up, give us a card. people from los angeles, the point is -- and the city of sacramento also has done a parking study for all major cities in california a, that recognize the problem and, c, want to find out what they can do. we are not alone. >> increases the likelihood that something could happen if it's going on all over the state. anyone else care to talk on this. >> thank you, chairman nolan, i wanted to express my gratitude to see this kind of coming together of the community, your leadership from the committee, staff i know worked really hard on this. it's been a long time coming and i think it's a great comprehensive approach to a very serious problem that's affecting all of us. the other night i was trying to do a little early christmas shopping, was driving and wanted to stop at the gain skate store on divisadero hp drove around the block 3 times and finally just gave up, took my money home. my wife is saying look on the internet and i'm going but the sales tax. what we should be thinking about making our parking available is ma
francisco. please remember san francisco and los angeles have the second highest tax percentage behind san antonio. san antonio gives 6 percent of their 15 percent to the arts. san francisco does not, the city just keeps it. if we are going to continue to fleece the people, we should be honest with them how anti-tourist the city has become. option 2 is obvious. none of the people i've heard from alamo square have moved out of alamo square. there was a school, the principal changed his pa system, it was so loud within 3 months we moved. if it was that bad you would just move and i don't think it's that bad. >> berry toronto followed by espinola jackson. >> berry toronto. i first wanted to say thanks for reminding me where full house was filmed. but i want to say whatever option you pick, you should require that the tourists see a few episodes of tales of the city so they can appreciate what it looked like years ago and why it needs to be preserved in that state and you continue to allow the enormous amount of busses to go there you are going to ruin the image that we have seen in tales
of his life to these three remarkable volumes. "the los angeles times" has called the liberation trilogy quote of massive use of reporting and powerful to storytelling. a tapestry of fabulous richness and complexity. the "washington post" reviewer describes the pros as achingly sublime. now it's 877 pages but there are fewer -- will sing this is a very long book he said this once seemed too short. in a recent interview with the national world war ii museum in new orleans rick remarked on the necessity of remembering the story of this war when he called the greatest self-inflicted catastrophe in human history. 60 million dead ,-com,-com ma one life snuffed out every three seconds for six years. more than 16 million american veterans of world war ii, fewer than 2 million remain a life. when we contemplate what is lost to us culturally as they slip into the shadows of 800 a day, for most perhaps is the ability to bear witness, to tell the story first-hand, to attest with authenticity and authority why they fought, suffered and died. for all the stories told and retold and countless others w
the welfare of both men and urged their releases. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> for many people this this country, today the weekend meant another chance to hunt for holiday bargains as the first numbers were released from black friday which retailers consider the most important day of the year. nbc's kristen dahlgren is watching from here in new york for us. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. big changes to tell you about. we just got the numbers in. what we are seeing is really the end of black friday as a behemoth shopping day. not because retailers are struggling but it is now a two-day event starting on thanksgiving. we are seeing a change in who's coming to the stores. people shopping online and on cell phones in record numbers this year. even with door busters dwindling the hunt for the deal was still on. >> the best time to be shopping now. >> i got hooer as early as i could. >> $200 boots for $39. cosmetic kits less than 50% off. >> reporter: shoppers spent $9.7 billion on black friday, down 13.2% from last year. add in thanksgiving day shopping and sales
, you know, any place where you -- central avenue in los angeles. and in some places harlem is one of the last strongholds because of what it's been to kind of hold on to a sense of historic identity. and it's a, i think what, you know, what's interesting about this moment and for some of us frightening and angering about this moment is that what you're talking about is a process that, you know, sharifa cites james wheldon johnson, i forget when that was, early 20th century when, you know, harlem is really the race capital saying that black people will not be able to hold on to harlem, right? he says that at the end of black manhattan. and so a prophesy with which we've been living, but i think none of us felt we would witness it in our lifetime. and i think what was so frightening and compelling about the question that you raise is that now some of us can actually imagine, oh, this could, this will, you know, this might happen in our lifetime. this might happen on our watch. so, i mean, i think that's the, both the richness and the fear of the question that you raise. >> and i als
evacuated. we'll keep an eye on this story near los angeles. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >>> here's a live look at the black friday crowds in milpitas. the parking lot at the great mall packed. shoppers have been taking advantage of deals since 8:00 last night. you're better off on foot. kpix 5's brian webb live in emeryville where bay street has been busy all day. >> reporter: oh, yeah, allen. we have seen 40, 50, 60% off signs everywhere sucking in shoppers and it seemed to be working. we have seen busy streets, crowded sidewalks and long lines with shoppers willing to wait for a good deal. at big bag stores like old navy big sales draw big crowds. the goal, separating customer from cash. >> got up this morning, got ready and jumped in the car and came down. >> we intended to come down here for one sale and we ended up going to several. >> reporter: with six fewer shopping days this season, retailers are bending over backwards to beat average expectations employing deeper discounts and longer store hours. >> it's exciting that we're getting such a great crowd in today
nearly 40 billion dollars this black friday weekend. up 2% compared to last year. this is abc news los angeles. >> the problem plagued health care web site off line tonight. it's down for sentenced maintenance through tomorrow morning ahead of tomorrow dead lane to have it working for most people. president obama and top administration officials have repeatedly promised the web site will be functional vast majority of users bit end of to. im practice. two months after very troubled roll out. technical team including some from silicon valley working round the clock on hardware software fixes. obama care set to come back on line at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> today short trading session apple stock hit highest price of the year. at one point apple share sold for 5 58 dollars. apple closed with nearly 2% gain at just above 5 56 dollars. meantime bay area base instagram a lot to be thankful for. social network says this thanksgiving was the busiest day yet. that means the company beat last year record of 10 million photo on thanksgiving all of them coming in at rate of about 200 image
. tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, conversation with wendell pierce. he is currently costarring in the new nbc comedy series "the michael j. fox show" and is reprising his role as antoine batiste on the emmy-winning "tremÉ." he returns to hbo this sunday for his final five episodes. a conversation with wendell pierce coming up right now. ♪ ♪
six survivors. >>> in los angeles, a man is dead after he reportedly robbed a pharmacy and barricaded himself into a verizon wireless last night. the man died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >>> a surfer is dead. the 18-year-old was body surfing bit off both his legs. >>> ex-husband of nigella testified. the assistants are accused of spending a million dollars of the couple's money on their own personal luxurieluxuries. >> midnight tonight, the month of november expires. so does a self-imposed deadline by the white house. the website will be back online 8:00 a.m. this morning. it will be down overnight on sunday. in a wide-ranging interview, the president says he's convinced his health care reform is part of his legacy that he will be extraordinarily proud of. joining me now is, congressman meeks. good to see you. what do you think is going to happen? will there be messages or delays? >> well, i think it's going to be running. i think more individuals will be able to sign up than before. all indications show that. i'm cautiously optimistic. but i would also urge individua
. we have the snow making going on there and by the afternoon it is pretty mild. los angeles, how about 74 this afternoon? back hem on the coast, with that light offshore flow, it will will be the mid-60s half moon bay. ocean beach about 62 or 63. down around santa cruz, 66. upper 60s point reyes and look at the upper 60s return for livermore, concord and san jose. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. maybe a degree or two milder tomorrow and then a stronger on shore push cools us back about five or eight degrees monday. tuesday cooler and brissier. could see a few sprinkles wednesday and even into thursday. a little recovery on friday. it will feel pretty wintry around here. >> i don't like it, but thank you, lisa. in sports, next weekend eighth-ranked stanford plays arizona state for the pac-12 title but first they have a big match-up today down on the form against 25, notre dame. last night the warriors and thunder played another buzzer-beater. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >>> good morning. when they played in oakland andre hit a jumper and st
... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> every sunday night al jazeera america brings you controversial... >> both parties are owned by the corporations. >> ..entertaining >> it's fun to play with ideas. >> ...thought provoking >> get your damn education. >> ...surprising >> oh, absolutely! >> ...exclusive one-on-one interviews with the most interesting people of our time. >> you're listening because you want to see what's going to happen. >> i want to know what works what do you know works? >> conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! >> welcome back to the news hour. these are our top stories. one person is dead. three more are injured after violent clashes in bangkok between pro-and anti-government protesters. hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are bracing for another freezing winter from the biggest refugee camp in jordan, house something arriving for the winter ahead. >>> and haitians are crossing the border in fear the retali
show it increasing number don't. but all that paperwork, let's take oregon, for example. the los angeles times reports today that nobody is getting on the computer web site in oregon. it's all being done by paper. same thing in north carolina. many states facing the same problem. after you fill out all the forms, which run for multiple pages, you still have to enter it on the web site, which is increasingly difficult. but once again, you've got even howard dean, the former presidential candidate and governor of vermont, says the i.p.a.b. board, which will eventually be making decisions on who gets what care, how much it costs and will have the power to deny care to people, says that it's going to be rationing. so if you want to look what obamacare will look like say five or ten years down the road, look at the nhs in britain where rationing occur, where people are on long list where is minimal treatment and major operations. it's a disaster. it's gone bankrupt. we've got a $17 trillion debt here and growing. it's in the tank. >> jehmu, i got another e-mail from my friend in cali
supply, using explosives -- >> wow. we are following this story live in los angeles. there are so many people calling for his release. >> yes, his family particularly. they wanted him back in time for thanksgiving. there's certainly no chance of that. just in the way he was reading that statement, really all the hallmarks of perhaps a document that he didn't pen by his own hand. the koreans accusing him of war crimes and hostile acts. during the korean war when he fought there, but also during his recent visit in october. you may remember he was dragged off his plane just as it was taking off october 26 and they've been holding himm ever since. he appears in perhaps a courtroom, we're not entirely sure. he looks in good condition. but describing from that document reading out what he was actually up to in north korea allegedly. take a listen. >> i asked my guide to help me to look for their families and relatives living in dprk and i gave the document with their addresses and e-mail addresses to the guide. >> and it appears that's what korean authorities believe are his hostile activit
is nominated in 1960, joe was in los angeles, where the convention was. he has to stay hidden from view in a rented home they were a living. when kennedy goes to the convention hall to accept the nomination, he brings his mother and she goes out onto the podium with him and she waves to the crowd. jack and his dad only appear the day after the election when all is said and done and all is over. joe comes out and there is the famous portrait of the whole family at hyannisport, all of pro and a close victory of jack. >> host: he threw the screen parties when jack was first running. didn't rose and her daughters inserted these people they feel like they could come meet royalty. was it not part of their appeal? >> guest: it was. they were called tea parties. they started in 1946, the very first one for the congressional campaign. and then they just kept doing these two senate campaigns. when jack defeated henry cabot lodge, which was an upset in 1952, lodge was quoted as saying it was those tea parties that did me in. you are right to say first of all, women love to come to those because th
boston, you're looking at los angeles, sentences go, a chicago, you're looking at the parts of america with the greatest income inequality. you hear democrats of people on the left saying we income inequality. c-span2 incomes to be cool. attacks in come. in the process date from middle-class people out. california according to the most recent statistics has the highest degree of income inequality in the country, the highest level of poverty in the country, 23 and a half%. i think some party members are measuring. we could talk as a side issue. but the fact is that california's liberal policies of needed a highly unequal state. the average people and servants. that is not a very egalitarian society. if you want a more egalitarian society tri texas and georgia. and, you know, look at the numbers. you also have had greater economic growth there. the state of massachusetts has generally done very well on this making basically massachusetts importing a high skill, high education people from exporting missiles go, but a relatively small as a state. you have got over 6 million people, little
groups in richmond, virginia, chicago, los angeles. and we found that john f. kennedy with that short presidency is the most admired, like, respected, and popular president of the modern era. now, a historian who studies the actual record would say, come on 1,038 days. but what was interesting to me, that is the judgment of the american people. we tattled that chapter, the people's president. and so i think readers will be interested to see how kennedy's view and why and the assassination is a big piece of it, but so was kennedy's public image. the rhetoric which is still staring, the self-deprecating humor, the glamorous major. >> i have the record album of the 61 inaugural address, and i can recite it. i still, you know, listen to it. i put on a couple of times a year. you mentioned the nine presidents following. although i came across a phrase once. reagan was the first president not to be haunted by the ghost of john kennedy. do you agree? >> yes. reagan knew himself. you know this much better than i do. he had a center to himself, and he was not in the democratic party. he did no
. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> 33 minutes after the hour. let's get another check of the weather from dylan. >>> good morning! i want to make sure, is your sign right side up now? it's your first time in new york city. the sign was upside down. i heard some rumblings that we were fixing the problem. we are good to go. >>> it is chilly out here in the northeast and most of the eastern half of the country for that matter with a nice big area of high pressure in control. we are looking at sunshine but on the cold side. we will >>> good morning to you on this saturday. another chilly day in store. right now we're in the teens and 20s across the area. 21 in camp springs and 23 in rockville. 22 in reston. sunshine will give way to increasing clouds throughout the day. for the midday and afternoon hours we're going to see plenty of cloudiness. a high temperature of 41. for tomorrow, warmer a high of 37 with partly >>> for "today's" top spot we are heading out to buffalo. this comes from our affiliate wgrz in buffalo, new york. it's the world's largest disco. 20 years, peo
san diego and los angeles complaining that people don't speak english. we have fight ourselves the status of spanish in florida where spanish was spoken for a century before anybody spoke english. they treat it like it's a new thing that people want to speak spanish in florida without thinking too deeply where the word "florida" comes from. there's a symbolic and cultural and sort of attic full of archetype we carry around in our head. there's the rough and tumble word of trade and ports and rivers and money and resources and both of those worlds are part of shaping what happened after he was wandering and and what become new mexico and arizona and west texas. not sure where he was. so it's tough to come prez it at -- compress it all. sometimes i i felt doing a quick recap to tell you. in other words to understand it you have to remember the thing i haven't told you yet. it was challenging sometimes. >> one of the areas that you point to in term of clear successes where the latino population has clearly broken through, and then you mentioned dezi are nez and some of the cultura
, that is the question we want to take on today. you can look online. there is a story in the los angeles times. we are talking to give you a sense of where we are going. we will talk about what the president said, especially when it comes the entertainment industry. there is the website. doug is from virginia, good morning. caller: how are you doing? span.lly enjoy c- is entertainment, that is what it is, it is fantasy for the most part. shows they show and discuss reality. i get a kick out of listening to you guys in the morning and andening to people call-in seeing just how far-fetched people really are. host: what you think about the idea that television or any other media delivers values? i don't think it is about values. it is about what catches your attention and what holds your attention. the police would never get by with shooting as many people as they should on television. or i would hope they don't. i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. we don't have that problem here. host: john is next on the republican line from california. caller: thank you for c-span. i wanted to say to
dancing along the streets of los angeles. take a look. ♪ ♪ clap along if you feel that's what you want to do ♪ ♪ don't bring me down >> okay, this song has been making -- there she is. i'm sorry. nerdland has been happy. our one of our producers there, tracy, listened to that song on a loop all day yesterday. and not only did she not get tired of it but her joy was palpable. she was making all of us dance. which got me to thinking, do you all have songs that make you feel happy? so i asked twitter, twitter gave me a few of the songs that make nerdland happy this christmas by donny hathaway from love shenglum, that this christmas makes her happy. salty pepper told me lovely day by bill withers, never ever ever fails to make her happy. and that is one that my husband loves and plays when i hear lovely day i know my husband is in a great mood. i was thinking about this on the question of happiness that certain kinds of songs, or certain food, the smoothies, that can impact physically make you feel happy. >> yes. you're talking about with what can we do external things we can do. we ca
. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> up next, going hungry, how recent congressional cuts to foot stamps are leaving many more americans hungrier this thanksgiving. >>> plus, high-tech history. how the smithsonian is making rare collections available to whomever, wherever. it's today's big idea. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. today is small business saturday. get out and shop small. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy... [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus
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